Curtain Spare Parts

Ceiling Mount Bracket - Curved Track


Spare bracket for your curved ceiling mount track. Available in White only. Dimensions: 40mm x 22mm.

Ceiling Mount Bracket - Standard Track


Spare bracket for your standard ceiling mount track. Available in White, Black and Anodised Aluminium. Dimensions: 55mm x 22mm.

Curtain Track Sample Kit


Kit includes 2 short sample curtain tracks to help with measuring. Especially handy if you want to install curtains to internal or external corners. Sample tracks come complete with brackets, runners, tape and hooks. Available in both Standard and Curved track options to help you measure corners, or a combination track kit. Available in White only. *Standard track shown in image

Wall Mount Bracket - Extension


Spare extension wall mount bracket

Wall Mount Bracket - Standard


Spare standard wall mount bracket



Curtain Wand

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