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Pelmet 95

Finish off your look with a stunning  Pelmet 95

Sleek, subtle yet distinguished, the Pelmet 95 offers a contemporary look and neatly covers the top and front of the roll tube, chain drive and brackets, protecting your roller blinds from dust and hiding the roll tube - perfect for an outside mounted blind.

So easy to install, these pelmets will ensure a unified look for your interiors at a price point that everyone can afford! Made from aluminium and featuring a simple design, there are 3 colours to choose from:  Anodised, White or Black.

The Pelmet 95 is only available for Outside mounted blinds, with a Back rolled fabric direction. Simply add a Pelmet 95 to your Linked Roller Blind order as you proceed through the check out. 

Pelmet 95 Add the finishing touch

Please note - Sale prices are not available for individual items

Pelmet 95 - An Overview

In this video, Michael gives an overview on the benefits of a Pelmet 95 including a simple demonstration on How to Measure and How to Install with your Roller Blind.

2 Ways to position your Pelmet 95

Pelmet 95 Extended over architrave

1.  Michael's pick 

To achieve greater light control and privacy, add 60mm to your overall width measurement when you place your order.  

This will ensure the fabric sits over the architraves for full coverage.  The pelmet will extend over either side of the architraves.  

The overall width you provide will be the finished size of the pelmet.

See in the photo (left) how the fabric fully covers the architrave.  

The roller blind in the photo is featuring Le Reve Crystal blockout fabric with Pelmet 95 in anodised, anodised bottom rail & metal chain

Pelmet 95 flush with architrave

2. Flush with architrave

 The pelmet sits flush with the outside edge of the architrave

Measure your overall width from edge of architrave to edge of architrave.  

The pelmet will sit flush with the outside edge of the architrave (see image) with the fabric sitting just on the architrave.

Pelmet 95 dimensions

Pelmet 95 dimensions

Pelmet 95

Finish the look with a common pelmet

Common Pelmet

Available in lengths up to 4.8 meters long (4800 mm), Pelmet 95 can be made for widths up to12 metres (12,000 mm)  

This means you can use a common Pelmet to cover several blinds, making it a fantastic choice for sliding doors and large windows.

A great additional feature when paired with Linked Blinds.


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