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Technical Specifications


Width (mm) Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 250 mm

Minimum drop: 300 mm

Maximum width: 3000 mm

Maximum drop: 3000 mm


Inside Mount

The blind is attached inside the window recess.

Window recess depth required for a flush inside mount is 100 mm

Outside Mount

The blind is attached on the outside to the architraves.

Slimline Double Roller Brackets

The slimline double roller blind brackets measure 85 mm x 148 mm.  

In this short video, Michael explains the difference between a 'Top Front' Double Roller blind bracket and a 'Top Back' Double Roller blind bracket and when to use them.

Top Front Double Bracket

Top Front Double Brackets offer great flexibility and compact styling keeping your blinds together with different roll direction combinations to meet your needs. 

This bracket can be used for both an inside mount and outside mount application.

The Top Front Bracket allows for the top blind to be front rolled only, whereas the back blind can be either back rolled or front rolled. This bracket is perfect for inside mount applications, keeping your fabrics close together and the front rolled feature of the top blind can finish your look.

Combination Roll

Rear blind is back rolled and Front blind is front rolled

Front Rolled

Both blinds are front rolled

Top Back Double Bracket

This bracket is used for an Outside mount application.

The Top Back Bracket allows for both blinds to be back rolled.

Perfect for Outside mount applications, the top back bracket keeps your fabrics as close as possible to the architrave for greater light control and privacy

Roll Direction

Back Rolled

Both blinds are back rolled

Handy Hint - use the new ISB Silent Bottom rail if ordering these blinds.  The slightly curved top of the rail will ensure the blinds pass each other smoothly.

Component Options

Blind Control - Motors

Automate your blinds and add a touch of luxurious convenience to your everyday.  Motors are also a great solution for a chainless roller blind.  

You can select to  have both blinds automated or just the rear or the front blind.  Get the best of both worlds by automating your Blockout blind - used daily - and chain drive your Sunscreen blind, which is used less often.

Blinds can be motorised up to 3000 mm.

  • Motor 1.1 Nm   Widths up to 2150 mm                $199            
    Motor 2.0 Nm   Widths 2151 mm - 2699 mm       $245             
    Motor 3.0 Nm   Widths 2700 mm - 3000 mm       $289            

See Motors for more information

Blind Control - Chain Drive 

Raise or lower your blinds with a Chain drive.  

Chain drive and bracket colours come in either black or white and will be automatically colour matched to your fabric selection as part of the manufacturing process.  All outside mounted blinds come standard with colour matched bracket covers.

If you specifically would like to request either Black or White, please write this in the notes section provided under each blind as you place your order. 

Chain Colours

Custom design your blind.

Choose from: Metal, Stainless Steel, Black or White 

 iseek recommends

We love metal chains because they hang well and are very discreet. 

Please note that if you live near the Coast we recommend Stainless Steel chains.


Chain Size

Iseekblinds will automatically populate the recommended chain size depending upon the Drop of your blind.  Please see table below:

Chain SizeDrop of Blind
500 mm up to 1000 mm drop
750 mm 1001 - 1399 mm drop
1000 mm 1400 - 1799 mm drop
1250 mm 1800 - 2399 mm drop
1500 mm 2400 - 2799 mm drop
1750 mm 2800 - 3000 mm drop
2000 mm Available under 'Custom' upon request

Custom size your Chain

However, if for example your window is situated above the kitchen sink, or perhaps your window is located higher up than normal, you can custom design your blind to suit your exact needs by selecting a longer or shorter chain.  If the length you require does not appear in this list, write your requested size in the notes section at the bottom of your order.  There may be a surcharge to custom make your chain.

Bottom Rail D30

Custom design your blind.

Choose from: Anodised, Pure White or Black 

D30 bottom rails by Acmeda.  Subtle and sleek with a slightly curved front ensures your blinds will look effortlessly stylish.

All our Bottom Rails come with matching endcaps.

ISB Silent Bottom Rail - NEW

Noise cancelling bottom rail.

Choose from: Anodised, Pure White or Black 

Introducing the ISB Silent Bottom Rail.  

Eliminate the annoying noise of blinds bumping against window frames commonly caused by the breeze through open windows or heating & cooling systems.

Cleverly designed with shock absorbent barriers, the structural design and generous weight of the extrusion achieves optimal performance on all sizes of roller blinds, so you can be assured of a great nights sleep!

Subtle and sleek with a slightly curved front ensures your blinds will look effortlessly stylish.

Handy hint: Great for Top Back Double Roller Blinds.  The slightly curved top of the rail will ensure that the blinds pass each other smoothly.

All our Bottom Rails come with matching endcaps.

Spring Assist

 iseek recommends a Spring Assist for all blinds over 1800 mm.

Spring Assists will ensure your blind glides up and down with minimal effort and limit wear and tear on your components.

Spring assists are inserted into the inner tube of your roller blind in the manufacturing process.


Child Safety cleats

All blinds come supplied with the mandatory child safety cleats.  A brand new design, this child safety cleat will ensure your chains stay nice and straight.

Keep your family safe and use these cleats to fix your chain to the wall when installing.

Roller Blind inner tubes

Each of our roller blinds are made with the finest components for long lasting quality.  Depending on the size of your blind, your blind will be made with a light, medium or heavy inner tube.

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