Frequently Asked Questions - Temporary Blinds

Below are some of our most frequently asked Temporary Blind questions and their answers.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please send us a Quick Enquiry or send an email to We're here to help!

What material are temporary blinds made out of?

Our temporary blinds are made from high quality paper.

I'm in a rush for temporary blinds.  How quickly can you deliver?

Our temporary blinds are sent out same day* if ordered before midday!  We ship via Direct Freight so depending upon your location you could receive your blinds as quick as the next day.
*Please note this applies to business days only. If you order on a weekend, your blinds will be shipped out the following Monday. If you order on a Victorian Public Holiday, your blinds will be shipped out the next business day. Our office and manufacturing facility are closed on weekends and Victorian Public Holidays. 

How do the temporary blinds open and close?

Adjust the opening and closing position of your blinds with the use of the plastic clips included.  Unfold the blind to the preferred down position and secure with a clip on either side.  Do the same when folding the blind back up into the open position.

What size do the temporary blinds come in?

Each Temporary blind is 890mm in width and 1800 mm in drop.  So versatile to use, these temporary blinds can be cut to size to fit a smaller window.  To fit a wider window simply overlap two blinds or more.  This same approach can be applied for additional length to ensure full coverage.

How do I attach the Temporary blind to my window?

Its super easy to attached your temporary blind to your window.  Simply peel the tape backing from the blind and stick it onto the window frame* or glass. 
*Please note that these blinds should not be stuck to water based painted surfaces.

My temporary blind seems shorter than the 1800 mm drop.

As these blinds have been packaged in a folded position for a period of time, it can take a little while for them to fully unfold. A handy hint is to clip a 20c piece to the bottom of the blind on both sides when first installed and leave for 24 hours to ensure your blind stretches down to the full 1800 mm drop.

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