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How to Install

Installing your Temporary Blinds is as easy as 1,2...and you're done!

Contents:  3 x paper blinds.  6 x plastic clips

 Temporary Blinds - How to install

How to Install

Simply peel the tape backing from the blind, line it up along your window and stick to the window frame* or glass.

For windows that are less than 910 mm wide: Keeping the blind folded up, trim the blind to the size you want using a stanley knife making several passes to cut through all the pleats.

For windows that are wider than 910 mm:  Simply overlap two or more blinds

If necessary, you can trim the length with scissors.

Handy Hint: Clip a 20c piece to the bottom of the blind on both sides when first installed and leave for 24hrs.  This will ensure your blind stretches down to the full 1700 mm length.

CAUTION - These blinds are made from paper and are therefore flammable.  Do not use near an open flame (eg a Candle)

*Please note these blinds should not be stuck to waterbased painted surfaces.

High Quality Paper Blinds


Allow the blind to unfold.  

To open the blind, simply gather up the pleats and secure with the enclosed clips.

High Quality Paper Blinds easy to remove

How to remove

To remove your temporary blind, simply peel off the glass

No sticky residue is left behind and you can use your temporary blinds again!

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