Temporary Blinds

We aim to make it as easy as possible, instil confidence in your DIY skills and ensure you get it right. View our "How To Measure" videos and utilise our resources, joining the thousands of happy customers who have mastered the simple and easy DIY steps, achieved a great result and saved money in the process.

Sizing - per blind

Width (mm)Drop (mm)

890 mm

1800mm (fully extended)

Content of each box: 6 x Blinds & 12 Plastic clips


How to Measure

How to Measure Temporary Blinds
How to Measure - Inside Mount

Decide if you are going to apply the blinds directly to the glass or to the architraves

Measure your window width accordingly

Each blind is 890 mm wide by 1800 mm drop (when fully extended)

For windows that are less than 890 mm wide: Keeping the blind folded up, trim the blind to the size you want using a Stanley knife making several passes to cut through all the pleats.

For windows that are wider than 890 mm: Simply overlap two or more blinds.

*Please note these blinds should not be stuck to waterbased painted surfaces.


Customise to fit your window

Made from high-quality paper, our Temporary blinds can easily be customised to the shape and size of your window.

Trim them down with a Stanley knife or overlap 2 or more blinds for wider coverage.

How to Install

Easy to operate

There are plastic clips provided in each box of 6 blinds.

Simply fold the paper blind up or down and hold the blind in position with the plastic clips. Easy!

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Living in a rental without adequate window coverings? Don't want to spend your money on someone else's home? Temporary blinds are not only an affordable solution, they don't leave behind any messy marks and are reusable! Find out more below.

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