We make DIY easy | Custom made blinds in 5 days*


Our Temporary blinds are so versatile and can be used in so many ways.

*Please note these blinds should not be stuck to water-based painted surfaces.

Instant Blinds: Just peel off the adhesive and attach to your window. Adjust the clips for opening and closed position.

Unique: Nothing else like it

Low cost: $34.50 for a box of 3 blinds 

Available in 2 colours: White for general use, Black for room darkening

Peel & Stick: No tools required - Simple to install

Customisable: Easy to customise to the shape and size of your window

Re-usable:  Our temporary blinds have been designed to be used more than once.  You can use them over and over.

Easily removed: Simply peel off.  No holes, marks or mess

Recyclable:  Environmentally friendly blinds

Immediate Window covering: - Gives instant security and privacy

Fits any size window: - Simply cut to size or overlap 2 or more blinds

New House

Just bought a new house and haven't decided on the type of window coverings you want yet? Use our Temporary blinds to give you the privacy you require whilst you work out your internal decor.

Budget stretched as a result of all the 'additional' extras that come with buying a new house? Use our temporary blinds for the windows you can't afford straight away. 

Just placed an order placed for new Blinds or Plantation Shutters? Use our Temporary blinds for your security and privacy, as well as room darkening for the bedrooms, whilst we manufacture your custom made blinds.

Selling your house? Use our Temporary blinds as an economical solution for some of your windows.

Instant Baby Blinds

Need to darken the baby's bedroom for daytime sleep? Use our Temporary Blinds as an immediate solution

Going on holidays and need to ensure the baby's room will be dark enough? Take our Temporary blinds with you!  They are easily removed and don't leave any messy marks.

Instant Car Blinds

Going on a road trip? Need a solution to block the sun from the kids in the back seat? - Our Temporary blinds can be cut to suit any window size or shape

Instant Office Blinds

Looking for an economical solution to cut the glare from your computer screen?  Simply hang a Temporary blind over the problem area of your window.

Instant Caravan Blinds

Odd shaped caravan windows making it hard to find a window covering solution?  Our Temporary blinds can be cut to suit any window size or shape

Current blinds looking tired and in need of a refresh? - Use Temporary blinds for an instant solution


Living in a rental without adequate window coverings?  Don't want to spend your money on someone else's home?  Temporary blinds are not only an affordable solution, they don't leave behind any messy marks and are reusable! Which means you can take them with you when you move. 

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