Frequently Asked Questions - Venetian Blinds

Below are some of our most frequently asked Venetian blind questions and their answers.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please send us a Quick Enquiry or give us a call on 1300 664 257.

How do you operate the safelift cordless venetian?

Made from lightweight PVC, this venetian is easily raised or lowered with your hand.  A tilt wand comes standard so you can tilt the slats as required. A brand new market release these cordless venetians have been designed specifically to reduce risk to children as opposed to the traditional venetians that are operated with numerous cords.  Resulting in neater finish for your windows too.

What colours are available in this venetian range?

The Safelift Cordless Venetian is available in the most popular colour only – Polar white.

What is the slat size of the cordless venetian? 

The safelift cordless venetian comes in a slat size of 50 mm

Is there a product warranty for these venetians

Yes. The Safelift Cordless venetians come with a 2 year warranty

What type of pelmet does the safelift cordless venetian come with?

Each Safelift cordless venetian come standard with a Harbour Bridge pelmet.  A Harbour Bridge  pelmet features a curve through the centre, resulting in a stylish finish for your venetian blind.

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