Do blackout curtains help sleep?

Get your best night's rest with blackout curtains for your bedroom

If you are someone who struggles with getting enough shuteye of an evening you might need to consider if there is something in your bedroom preventing you from having a restful night.

So much of our sleep is determined by the conditions we create within our bedrooms, and the routine we engage in before we go to sleep. In this short article we are going to go through some of the environmental factors that can give you a better night's sleep. We are also going to explore some actions you can build into your evening routine to ensure that by the time your head hits the pillow you are primed and ready for a full eight hours of rest!

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Make your bedroom a haven

blackout curtains

The first thing you want to do in ensuring that your bedroom is set for you to enjoy in the evening is making sure that you are blocking out the light. You want to keep your bedroom as dark as possible so that you can rest and relax. If you have a streetlight that shines into your room, invest in some blackout blinds or curtains to keep the light out. Or, if you have a bedroom that cops the full heat of the sunlight in the morning, use blackout blinds to keep the sun away.

Why not also consider investing in some essential oils and a diffuser, and load it up with your favourite nighttime blend? A soothing mix of lavender and some natural Australian scents is always a winner for nighttime.

Consider investing in motorised blinds or curtains to make waking up in the morning a lot easier. If you have a habit of snoozing in the morning you will find it a whole lot harder to stay sleeping if the sunlight is pouring into your room. You can even set your motorised blinds to open at a set time with home automation – and that is one way to wake up on time!

Full disclosure – if the reason you are not getting enough sleep is that your significant other snores loud enough to wake the neighbours, then there is not a lot a set of blackout curtains will do to silence them. However, it can't hurt!

Do blackout curtains help sleep?

Ultimately, anything to keep the light out of your bedroom is going to help you sleep better. Studies have shown that we operate with a circadian rhythm, that is, we rest with the sunset and wake with the sunrise. Only in today's world, we are going to bed long after the sunset and waking up generally after the sunrise. So if you can keep the light out of your bedroom, you are effectively tricking your brain into thinking it's still dark, and thus enjoying better sleep!

Here are some tips to maximise the light blockage in your bedroom:

  • Run your curtains as far past the edge of the window/architraves as your space allows
  • Opt for a wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling curtain installation
  • For roller blinds, opt for an outside-mount installation to avoid light gaps at the edge of your blinds

For more tips and tricks on getting the most out of your blackout curtains, get in touch with iSeekBlinds. Our friendly customer service team are happy to help.

Bedtime routine tips

A key part of getting enough sleep is your routine prior to bedtime. So in addition to ensuring that your room is dark enough thanks to your blackout curtains or blinds, we recommend following a few key tips:

Wind down - an hour before your intended bedtime, start to wind down and get into a relaxed frame of mind. You might like to try meditating, or simply pop on some comfortable clothes and read for a while.

Remove blue light - this means get rid of the device at least twenty minutes before bed, or if you can't do that invest in some blue light blocking glasses.

Listen to relaxing music - pop on your favourite chilled out Spotify playlist while you're winding down for the evening and enjoy some mellow relaxation.

Warm bath/shower - finding it hard to wind down? If you have time in the evenings you might like to have a warm bath or shower with your favourite bath or shower gel. There are plenty of sleepy-time products out there which are infused with lavender and other gentle fragrances, so give one a go.

Get ready for bed - Once you have had your shower, put on your comfiest bedclothes and, if you feel like something sweet before bed why not make a mug of soothing nighttime tea with a small spoon of honey or maple syrup? This concoction can help you drift into a relaxing frame of mind and get you ready for sleep.

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