Wide windows? We have the perfect blind solution for you ...

Have you got a wide window, sliding door or bi-fold doors and you're just not sure what the best window covering solution is? It can be tricky to work out what will work best over these openings, yet still give you the ease of access that you require. Well, we have the perfect answer ... our Linked Roller Blinds

How do they work? 

Available in both Single and Double Roller options, Linked Blinds allow you to follow the flow of your doors and windows whilst offering multiple options for functionality over an exit door. Perfect for wider windows, linked blinds enable you to place blinds side by side, keep control chains clear of the centre and reduce the gap between the blinds by the use of easy-link linking brackets. The Easy-Link system has been designed to allow for individual or multiple blinds to be controlled using a single motor or chain control operation. The intermediate brackets reduce the gap between blinds from 35 mm to just 19 mm, ideal for greater light control & privacy. 

Layout Options

Our Linked Layouts give you the option to link 2 blinds, 3 blinds or 4 blinds depending upon your requirements. These blinds are placed alongside each other across the window up to a maximum width of 12000 mm.  Use the Roller Blind Link Layout chart to decide which layout is right for you. Available for both single and double roller blind formats - the link layouts are the same. Download our Linked Layout chart here 


Add the finishing touch to your outside mounted blinds

Want to install outside-mounted roller blinds, but you don't want to see the tube and reverse side of the fabric? Our Pelmet 95 is the perfect solution. 

Sleek, subtle yet distinguished, the Pelmet 95 offers a contemporary look and neatly covers the top and front of the roll tube, protecting your roller blinds from dust whilst hiding the roll tube. This pelmet is the ideal finishing touch to outside-mounted, back-rolled blinds (please note it can't be added to front-rolled blinds). 

Available in lengths up to 4.8 meters long (4800 mm), it can be butt joined together for wider widths if required. This means you can use a "common pelmet" to cover several blinds, making it a fantastic choice for sliding doors and large windows - and being available in three colours, you're sure to find the right match for your interior.

How to order? Simply add the pelmet to your roller blinds as you proceed through the order process online. 

See how easy it is to measure for your Linked Blinds on our How-to-Measure pages. Michael will take you through the steps, but please email us at sales@iseekblinds.com.au if you have any queries - we are here to help!

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