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Before you start measuring, print off our Check Measure Worksheet to record your measurements. These check measure worksheets have been designed to ensure you capture all the details required to complete your order. When placing your order online, simply populate this information straight into the order form. Easy!

Curtain track sizes – minimums & maximums

Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 600mm

Minimum drop: 1,000mm

Maximum width: 12,000mm (12 metres)

Maximum drop: 2,850mm - Belmore & Galaxy Blockout 
Maximum drop: 2,900mm - Mystique Sheer 
Maximum drop: 3,200mm - Bali Sheer & Lucern Sheer

How to create a "wall" of  curtains
There are considerations when wanting to cover a large expanse. Please see the steps below for further information, or contact our team if you have particular questions -  

Split tracks
All hand-drawn tracks greater than 3.6m in length will be "split" - this means they will be made in two parts. These tracks will be supplied to you with a "joiner", which joins the two parts together to form one long track equalling the length you ordered. Joiners will not adversely affect the integrity or strength of the track. 


Delivery Note:

Please note long length surcharges may apply to freight if the track is greater than 3,600mm. See delivery details for more information

Find out more about Curtain Delivery


How to measure windows for curtains

Curtian Width
Measure your width

The width you enter when placing your order will be the total width of your track.

Width for sheer curtains

  • Decide where you would like to position your curtain track.
  • The stack width for s-fold curtains is approx. 1/3 the width of the track. 
  • For a centre-open, ensure you balance the sheer curtains equally on either side of the window or door. Mike recommends approx. 100mm overlap on either side.
If you wish to split your centre-open curtain unevenly, add a note on your order. EG: For a centre-open curtain 5,000mm total width, note left hand measurements as 3,000mm, and right hand measurements as 2,000mm.  

Width for blockout curtains

  • Decide where you would like to position your curtain track.
  • The stack width for s-fold curtains is approx. 1/3 the width of the track.
  • Consider your track placement and overall width to try and place as much of the stack as possible onto the wall. This will free up your glass, and allow for more view and natural light.

Measuring ceiling mount

If you are measuring wall to wall, you may need to consider the cornices. The width of the track will need to be measured between the cornices.

A tip from our founder, Mike:

"When you are taking the measurement between cornices, just give yourself about 5-10mm clearance on either side."

How to measure for a "wall of sheers" (track lengths up to 12,000mm)

If you want to cover a large expanse of wall, windows and/or sliding doors with the curtains for a seamless, continuous appearance, then consider measuring for a "wall" of sheers (or blockouts!). This is a simple process if you get these steps right. 

  • Determine the configuration you will need, taking into account where your windows, doors and any other obstructions may be located. 
  • Measure the total width you need to order - you can order lengths up to 12,000mm (12 metres) with iSeekBlinds
Be aware of the opening type you select. A one-way draw opening type will not work for a curtain track length of over 6,000mm because there will be too much fabric to stack to one side of the track. Find out more about our opening types here

When measuring and placing your order, follow these steps:

  • Order tracks at the finished width you need to cover (EG. 8,000mm)
  • The opening types you need to order will either be 'centre-open' or "free-floating'.
  1. Centre-open will give you two curtains, each stacking to one end of the track.
  2. Free-floating will enable you to have more than two curtain stacks on the one track. This provides great flexibility in positioning the curtain stacks around any obstacles. Refer to the image shown on the left. 

For free-floating with various curtains on the one track, work from left-to-right.

When ordering, number your curtains and the total width you need each of them to be, as long as they add up to the total length of your track (EG. 8,000mm).

Place this information in the "notes" section of your order.
For example:

  • Curtain 1: 1,500mm
  • Curtain 2: 2,500mm
  • Curtain 3: 2,000mm
  • Curtain 4: 2,000mm

These should total your finished width of 8,000mm. 

For clarification on this, watch our video on " How to create a wall of Sheer Curtains" or email us at


Curtian Drop
Measure your drop

The drop that you order is the final drop, including the height of the track. Consider your desired drop effect (see below) and don’t make any deductions. iSeekBlinds do not make any deductions from your supplied measurements. 

Measuring for a ceiling mount

This track is attached to the ceiling.
  • Select either a curved or standard track. 
  • Measure from the ceiling down to where you would like the curtain to finish.

Measuring for a wall mount

This track is attached to the face of the wall.
  • Select a standard track.
  • Measure from the top of where the brackets are going to be placed (top of the track), to where you would like the curtain to finish.
Avoid placing your track directly above the window frame. By attaching the track higher up, you will elongate your space, making your rooms appear taller.

A tip from our founder, Mike:

"Make sure your floor coverings have been installed, or allow for the floor coverings when measuring the drop size. Also, remember to make sure the fabric you've chosen works with your required drop - see the specs above." 

Bracket options: wall mount

Select either a standard bracket, extension bracket or double bracket depending on your needs. 
  • Standard brackets: These are adjustable with up to 50mm clearance. These brackets enable you to hang your curtains over the top of an architrave with no obstructions.
  • Extension brackets: These brackets are adjustable with up to 90mm clearance. These brackets give you the ability to hang curtains over the top of roller blinds or plantation shutters, so you get full clearance to hang your curtains.
  • Double brackets: These extra long brackets can carry two tracks so you can install double curtains. Double brackets give you the ability to hang  two curtains one in front of the other, with clearance in between so they run smoothly.

How to order your brackets: Choose from either Standard, Extension or Double brackets as you go through the order process.
*If you are installing Double Curtains and have ordered double brackets, please menion this in the notes section of your order. You will only need to order Double brackets on one curtain. 

Find out more about specifications for sheer curtains


Drop Effects - Hover


Drop Effects - Just Touching

Just Touching

Drop Effects - Breaking Gently

Breaking gently

Drop Effects

Curtains can be finished in a number of different ways depending on the effect you want to create. Choose and measure for the drop effect that you prefer:


The curtain ‘hovers’ just above the floor, making it easier to clean underneath. This finish is also practical for curtains positioned over exit doors or behind furniture, and in homes where you have pets. Curtains with a hover effect can sit approximately 10-15mm above the floor. 

How to measure: Measure down to the floor and subtract between 10-15mm. This will be the finished size that you order. We will make the curtain to this measurement. 

Just touching

The curtain just touches the floor for a completed look. Curtains with a just touching effect should sit approximately 5-10mm above the floor. 

How to measure: Measure down to the floor and subtract between 5-10mm. This will be the finished size that you order. We will make the curtain to this measurement. 

Breaking gently

To create a sense of luxury and grandeur, add additional length to your curtain so that it ‘breaks’ (or puddles) gently over the floor. Curtains with a breaking gently effect can puddle on the floor by approximately 20-40mm (personal choice). 

How to measure: Measure down to the floor and add between 20-40mm. This will be the finished size that you order. We will make the curtain to this measurement. 


Opening Options & Drop Effects

Consider the best opening option for your window. Should you go for a centre-open, free-floating or a one-way stack? And what about drop effects? Curtains can be hung in a number of different ways depending on the look you want to create

Find out more

Mounting Options

There are two options available to you when considering the mounting of your curtains. Ceiling mounting your curtains will instantly add grandeur and height to your rooms and enable floor to ceiling coverage. Alternatively, go for a wall mount. Find out which is best for you below


Track Options

When ordering your curtains, choose from our manual operation standard or ceiling-mounted tracks. Find out more below

Track Options
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