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How to Measure

Step 1: Check Measure Work Sheets

Measuring for your curtains is so much easier than you think!  We have all the tools to teach and guide you through the simple process.

Before you start measuring, print off one of our handy Curtains Check Measure Worksheets to record your measurements

Check Measure Worksheet Curtains

Check Measure Worksheet - Sheer Curtains

There are 3 main considerations when measuring for Curtains:

  • Top fix or Face fix
  • The 'Drop' style
  • Left hand stack, right hand stack or centre opening

Step 2: Understand the Technical Specifications


Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum track width: 600 mm

Minimum drop: 1000 mm

Maximum track width: 6000 mm

Maximum drop: 2900 mm

S-Fold Track

S-Fold Track

The latest in modern window hardware.  This S-Fold tracking creates a supremely finished appearance and also has a tighter stack back than regular drapery headings, making better use of your light and view.  

When an S-Fold curtain is in the open position, the stack is approximately 1/3 of the total width of the fabric. 

Track colours: White, Black, Silver

All brackets are colour matched to the S-Fold track

S-fold tracks and brackets

Mount Type - Face Fix or Top Fix

All curtains are outside mounted.  To measure a Curtain on the outside of your window frame measure the width that you want your curtain to be allowing as much stack back as possible onto the wall.  When an S-Fold curtain is in the open position, the stack is approximately 1/3 of the total width of the fabric. 

Top Fix

Attached to the ceiling, a Top Fix bracket will add elegance and height to your room and give you floor to ceiling coverage.  A luxurious finish to your decor.

Face Fix

The face fix bracket is attached direct to the top of the architraves or the face of the wall.

S-Fold Track

Drop Effects

Curtains can be hung in a number of different ways depending on the effect you are looking to create.

'Breaking' gently over the floor - For a sense of grandeur, add additional length to your curtains.  /  To add a sense of luxury and grandness, add additional length to your curtain so that it ‘breaks’ gently over the floor.

Hover - The Curtain hovers just above the floor.  Useful if you are considering placing furniture in front of the window such as a couch or a bed.

Just touching the floor - The curtain just touches to the floor for a completed look

Measure the drop from where you want the top of the track to sit; whether it be the top of the architrave, face of a wall or ceiling - to where you want the curtain to finish 

Handy Hint - if measuring to the floor, allow another 20 mm for the fabric to settle over time

Curtain Wands

Operation - Wand Control

Select from Centre opening, Left hand stack or Right hand stack

Clear acrylic wands - 750mm / 1000mm / 1250mm / 1500mm

How to Measure

In this video, Michael demonstrates the simple process on how to measure for your Curtains

Things to Remember

  • Always measure in millimetres (mm)
  • Always use a steel tape measure or Laser for accuracy. Make sure the tape measure is straight and tight when you take your measurements
  • Measure all windows, even those that appear to be the same width and height
  • Do not take any deductions (iseekblinds will do this for you)

If you have any additional questions or a specific requirement for your window, you can all the team at iseekblinds on 1300 664 257, send us a  Quick Enquiry or for those tricky windows, book a personal  1:1 session with one of our experts. 

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