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"How To" Videos - Sheer Curtains

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Sheer Curtains - An Introduction

DIY made easy! Michael introduces our two curtain programs 1. The Complete Sheer Curtain program & 2. S-Fold Tracks only program

Video 1- S-Fold Sheer Curtains - The Complete program

Michael explains the Complete Sheer Curtain program detailing what you will receive with your order and how we custom make your sheer curtains.  


Video 2 - Fabric Range Introduction & Price Guide

Michael takes you through our 5 stunning sheer curtain fabric ranges from Warwick Fabrics & Sonata Furnishings. He gives an example of pricing to demonstrate how affordable it is to purchase your genuine custom made sheers from iseekblinds at a fraction of the prices you would pay else where for the same result.

Video 3 - Sheer Curtains - Sample Collection

Michael takes you through our unique sampling program for the Sheer Curtains Sample Collection.  A true 'try before you buy' experience

Video 4 - Fabric Widths

Michael describes how the fabric is cut running left to right including the lead weighted bottom to make the drop size. The maximum drop can vary depending upon the fabric range. Michael explains what to do should you require a drop that is greater than the set maximum sizes.

Video 5 - All about S-Fold Tracks

Michael gives an overview of our custom made S-fold tracks including opening options, wand control, stack widths, components, colours, track widths and joiners.

Video 6 - All about Brackets

Michael explains the various bracket options available and mounting positions for your S-Fold tracks.

Video 7 - Sheer Curtains - How to Measure

Michael takes you through the simple process on how to measure your width and drop.  He tackles cornice's, how to balance your stack width and explains the difference between measuring for a Top fix (ceiling mount) or Face fix (Wall mount).

Video 8 - How to Install

Installing your S-Fold Curtains is easy, quick and simple.  Michael goes over the key points and demonstrates how to install your beautiful sheer curtains.

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