Frequently Asked Questions - Double Roller Blinds

Below are some of our most frequently asked double roller blind questions and their answers.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please send us a Quick Enquiry or send an email to We're here to help!

Should the blockout or the sunscreen fabric be placed closest to the window? 

In most cases, the sunscreen fabric is placed closest to the window in a double roller blind format, with the blockout roller blind placed in the front.  More often than not the sunscreen blind would remain in the down position throughout the day, offering privacy whilst retaining your view and natural light.  The blockout would remain raised during the day and be lowered at night for privacy, room darkening and insulation. 

What is the size of the slimline double bracket?

The slimline double roller brackets measurements are 85 mm width x 148 mm height

Top back or top front double bracket – which one should I use?

The top front bracket is suited to inside mounted double roller blinds as it keeps your fabrics close together, with the front rolled top blind nicely finishing your look.  The top back bracket is great for outside mounted applications, with both blinds back rolled keeping the fabrics as close as possible to the architraves for greater light control and privacy.

Which fabrics can be paired in a double roller blind?

Double roller blinds are commonly paired with a blockout blind and a sunscreen blind.  The blockout blind ensuring privacy, light control and insulation during the evening with the sunscreen blind enabling you to retain both your view and natural light during the day as well as offering daytime privacy and protection for your furnishings and floorings.  However, it is also possible to pair a blockout blind with a light filtering blind, which will gently diffuse the natural light during the day in addition to offering privacy.

I don’t have enough depth in my bedroom window recess to inside mount my double roller blinds.  How will I ensure the best light control, privacy and more importantly a room darkening solution under these conditions?

If you are unable to inside mount double roller blinds, an excellent solution is to install two separate blinds.  Inside mount your sunscreen blind for daytime privacy and light.  And outside mount your blockout making sure you select a back roll fabric direction so that the fabric will sit nice and close to the architraves.  This will give you the best of both worlds regarding light control and privacy.  You can also finish off your look with a stunning Pelmet 95 which will hide the roll tube, offer additional insulation benefits and protect your blinds from dust.

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