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Linked Roller Blinds

Do you have a large window, sliding or bi-fold doors?

Then Linked blinds can offer the perfect window covering solution for you.

Linked Roller Blinds - An Introduction

Available for both Single and Double Rollers, Michael explains the great flexibility Linked Roller blinds offer - how they work, where you would use them and the Linked Layout options available. Linked blinds allow you to follow the flow of your doors and windows whilst offering multiple options for functionality over an exit door.  Perfect for wider windows, linked blinds enable you to place blinds side by side across your windows, bifold or stacking doors. It enables you to keep any chains clear of the centre whilst the gap between the blinds is also greatly reduced with the linking brackets.  Michael takes you through the Linked Layout chart and explains how to use the chart to find the best linked layout to suit the flow of your windows or doors.

Single Linked Roller Blinds        Double Linked Roller Blinds

Linked Layout Chart 

Linking allows you to place your blinds side by side across the window using a single intermediate bearing bracket.

Our Linking Layouts give you the option to link 2 blinds, 3 blinds or 4 blinds depending upon your requirements and the size of your window area to a maximum width of 12000 mm.  Linked blinds can be operated by a chain drive or for greater convenience automate your blinds with our wireless battery operated motors.

With linked blinds, you can operate up to 2 blinds with the same control.  The Easy-Link system has been designed to allow for multiple blinds to be controlled using a single motor or chain control operation whilst ensuring a minimal gap between blinds of 19mm.   



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