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How to Install Roller Blinds 

1. Chain Drive Roller Blinds

2. Motorised Roller Blinds 

3. Roller Blinds with a Pelmet 95

4. Linked Roller Blinds 

How to Install Roller Blinds with a Chain Drive

Michael shows you just how simple and easy it is to install  your Roller blinds.  Michael takes you through the key points to help you understand the components, know your bracket options and ensure you always have a 1.5 mm float when your blind is installed for the perfect installation. 

Roller Blinds - How to remove your blind

Michael demonstrates the simple step to easily remove your roller blind from its bracket.  To remove your blind, turn the large clear wheel at the neutral end (opposite end to the chain drive) of your roller blind anti clockwise. 

This action will retract the male pin inward and the blind will slide out of the bracket.

Why did my Chain break?

Michael explains the 5 key reasons why a roller blind chain would break.

How to replace a broken Chain

Michael takes you through the 5 simple steps to replace a broken chain

How to fix a 'tight' Roller Blind

It's all about the 'Float' of 1.5 mm.  When installing, your roller blind should simply click easily into the bracket.  If you are having to use any force whatsoever your blind has been fitted too tight and this will lead to issues such as a broken chain. Before you order new blinds, Michael shares some tips and tricks on how to fix your blinds if you have accidentally mismeasured.

How to retro fit a Spring Assist

iseekblinds recommends a Spring Assist for all blinds greater than 1800 mm in width.  A Spring Assist helps the blind glide smoothly up and down and takes about 50% off the weight of the blind.  If you get your blinds home and realise you should have ordered a Spring Assist, Michael explains how you can purchase one and retro fit it yourself.

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Each iseekblinds Roller Blind comes complete with the following supplied items:

  • 2 x Brackets (1 x male, 1 x female)
  • 2 x Bracket covers (Outside mount only)
  • 4 x Installation screws (Appropriate for Timber installation)
  • Stop Ball (Chain drive only)
  • 1 x Child Safety Cleat & installation screw (Chain Drive only)
Roller Blinds How to Install

Installation Tool Kit - What you will need to install your blinds

  • A grey lead pencil
  • A small cordless drill to pre drill holes if required.
  • Pre drilling your bracket holes will avoid splitting your timber, particularly if you have an older style house.  It is also recommended for outside mounts.
  •  Cordless screwdriver with a 150 mm drill bit (recommended)
  •  Installation Screws
  • Installation screws for Timber installation have been supplied with your blind – if you are installing into Masonry or Aluminium, you will need to purchase the appropriate installation screws.
  •  A step Ladder if necessary
  • A spirit level (optional)

How to Install - Chain Drive

Follow these steps for an easy installation:

  1. Hold the brackets to the place on your window frame where they are to be fixed and with a grey pencil mark where the screws will go.
  2. Pre drill the bracket holes if required.  This will avoid splitting your timber, particularly if you have an older style house.
  3. Now using your cordless screwdriver and the 4 screws, fix the brackets into the window recess or architraves
  4. Install your blind into the male bracket first  which is also the chain end.
  5. Before inserting the blind into the bracket – make sure the chain is hanging evenly from both sides and the flat surface is facing towards the top.
  6. Chain Drive install
  7. Hold the chain end in position and move to the other end of the blind. Guide the spring-loaded pin into the track of the female bracket until it clicks into position.
  8. Once the blind is installed it should have 1.5 mm - 2mm movement from left to right between the brackets. The 'float' If not – adjust your brackets according for secure fixing.
  9. Using the chain drive, lower your blind to the bottom of your window frame and then install your stop ball on the chain at the point just before it enters the chain drive. This will ensure that your blind is not over rolled when lowering.
  10. If install an outside mounted blind, slide your bracket covers over the side of each of your brackets.
  11. Install your safety cleat out of the reach of children. 

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