Wide Roller Blinds

For those wider windows, sliding or bifold doors - linked blinds offer the perfect solution.

Available for both Single and Double Roller Blinds

Linked Roller Blinds

Linking allows you to place your blinds side by side across the window using a single intermediate bearing bracket.

This bracket will reduce the gap between the fabrics from 32 mm (standard brackets) down to just 19 mm.  

You can link 2 blinds, 3 blinds or 4 blinds alongside each other depending upon your requirements and the size of your window area.  

Operate up to 2 blinds with the same control for greater convenience and ensure your chains are cleated on either side of the window/door area.  Alternatively Linked blinds can be operated with our wire free Motors.  

Perfect for sliding doors, Linking enables you to raise or lower the blind over the exit door individually.

Linked Roller Blinds - An overview

Michael explains the great flexibility Linked Roller blinds can offer - how they work, where you would use them and the various Linked Layout options available.

Find your Linked Roller Blind solution below

Single Linked Roller Blinds                        

Double Linked Roller Blinds

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