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How to Measure Roman Blinds

DIY Made Easy!

How to Video series

Measuring for Roman blinds is so much easier than you think!  We have all the tools to teach and guide you through the simple process.

Roman Motorised options are now available!

Control your Roman blinds with a rechargeable Li-ion Arc battery or plug directly into 240-volt power. 

Our Roman blinds motors are easily integrated into the Automate Wifi hub for voice & smartphone control or control via a simple remote, making life easy. 

No more messy cords or chains - just say the word and walk away.

Our Automate Wifi hub & remotes work with all motorised Roman blinds, Roller blinds and Curtains for seamless integration of all your window coverings throughout your home.

How to order motorised Roman Blinds

Whilst we get our website up to speed, when you place your order, in the notes section please request that you would like a Roman motor.  One of our team members will contact you to finalise payment.  Pricing guide below.

Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 250 mm

Minimum drop: 300 mm

Maximum width: 3000 mm

Maximum drop: 3000 mm

Getting Started

Check Measure Work Sheets

Record your measurements, print off our handy Roman Blinds Check Measure Worksheets  

Free Samples

iseekblinds highly recommends you order free fabric samples before placing your order.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and ensure that you are making the right choice for your interior decor.

All computer monitors display colours differently and these can vary considerably.  Free samples give you an opportunity to see the materials ‘in the flesh’ and enable you to match the fabric colours with your paintwork and furnishings for the best result.

We enclose a reply envelope with each sample pack so you can return your samples to us once you have finished with them.  Not only does this help us reduce costs so we can continue to offer a Free sample service, it also and more importantly helps the environment as the samples can be recycled, thereby reducing landfill.

Your Free samples are sent out the next business day via Priority Paid Australia Post to ensure we get them to you in the fastest possible time frame.

Order Free Samples

How to Measure  

Roman Blinds are better suited to an Outside mount and can make a great feature of your window. 

Consider using a sunscreen roller blind inside the window frame for daytime privacy and light control.


Measure the width from the edge of the architrave to the edge of the architrave at the top of your window frame, then add approximately 50mm for each side (if space permits) to give you better light control and privacy.


Measure the drop from the top of the architrave to 50mm past the bottom of the architrave for all elevated windows.

If your window drops to the floor measure from the top of the architrave to 20 mm above the floor - this will allow your fabric to settle and stretch over time.

Take 3 measurements. Measure on the LHS, through the centre, and on the RHS. Take the smallest measurement as your drop.

Please note: iseekblinds will not make any deductions for outside mounted blinds.  The measurements you order will be the exact size of the Roman blind you receive.

Roman blind Stack height

Stack Height

If you want to raise your roman blind above the window frame to maximise your view, the stack height of a roman blind is approximately 300mm.

Take this into consideration when measuring your drop.

Roman Blind Motor $191.40

Roman Blind Rechargeable battery $88.51

Motorise your Roman Blinds 

Roman blind motors feature the ARC protocol for simple programming and will work with a simple remote control as well as the Automate Pulse wifi hub.

Set your favourite position and achieve precise positioning with the levelling control.  Use the Automate Wifi hub to Integrate enable control via your smartphone enabling you to set scenes, timers and group blinds together as well as control your blinds from anywhere in the world. You can then integrate into your Smart Home Devices for voice control.

The Remote control and Wifi hub also work with Roller Blind and Curtain motors.

Power options

There is just the one motor for Roman blinds. This motor has either a rechargeable 12v battery or wired 240v DC power option.  This same motor works with both options.

Size limitations

The maximum size for a motorised Roman Blind is 6 square metres.  For example 3000mm x 2000mm = 6 sqm, or  2400mm x 2400mm is 5.76 sqm


  • Roman blind Motor $191.40
  • Roman blind rechargeable Battery $88.51
  • Plug in Battery charger $35  (This is the same charger used for motorised roller blinds)
  • Roman Blind 240 Volt DCRF Power supply $47.30  
  • Remote control $69  (This is the same remote control used for motorised roller blinds)

Roman Blinds 12v rechargeable Battery Operated Motor Kit

Roman Motor + Roman Battery = $279.91

Roman blinds wired 240v DC Motor Kit

Roman Motor + 240V Power supply = $238.70

How to Order

Whilst we get our website up to speed, when you place your order, in the notes section please request that you would like a Roman motor.  One of our team members will contact you to finalise payment

Google Home & Apple HomePod integration - coming soon

The new generation Automate Pulse 2 wifi hub from Rollease Acmeda will be released June 2019. 

This new sleek design now has the capabilities to easily integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod!

Already have motorised blinds?

The Automate Pulse 2 works with all existing Roller Blind 12v Automate Li-ion Arc wireless battery motors and will also include the Automate 240v roller blind motors available on the website soon.  In addition, it will also work with both our Motorised Curtain tracks and motorised Roman blinds for a complete integrated home solution for all your window coverings.

No need to wait around - order your motorised blinds now!

The Automate Pulse 2 will be available via our spare parts, so you don't have to wait for its release to order your motorised blinds. 

iseekblinds always recommend a remote control when ordering motorised blinds. The remote control is the most effective and easiest way to program your motors and is always handy to have as a backup solution. 

Learn More >>

Roman Blinds head rail

Chain Drive Operation

Featuring a Rollease Acmeda heavy duty 4:1 geared chain drive system.  All Acmeda products have been built to last a lifetime and undergo stringent testing for unsurpassed performance and reliability, ensuring you receive a high-quality custom-made product.

Head Rail

A fresh and contemporary design, the Rollease Acmeda ‘No Sew Headrail’ features a slim square profile design, which moves the fabric up to hide the brackets and then cascades down for a clean modern look.  Easily installed, this blind system ensures smooth, quiet movement with the strength to manage fabrics of any weight - small or large.

Roman Blind fabric covered bottom rail

Bottom Rail

All Roman blinds come with a fabric covered teardrop bottom rail.  This beautiful bottom rail is designed to be aesthetically pleasing from both the front and back.

Roman Blind Back Batterns

Back Battens

Our roman blinds are cleverly designed with a smooth and slimline back batten system, which simply slides over the fabric - meaning no stitch holes, no puckering and no light penetration resulting in a neater and refined look.  Each batten comes with a colour matched end cap.

Roman blind continuous loop chain


Continuous loop chain (no joiner) to ensure a smooth operation.

Choose from metal, black, white or stainless steel.

Stainless steel is recommended if you live near the coast.

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Michael's Tips

  • Always measure in millimetres (mm)
  • Always use a steel tape measure - make sure the tape measure is straight and tight when you take your measurements.  
  • Measure all windows, even those that appear to be the same width and height
  • Add your room name to each of your blinds as you order them.
  • Do not take any deductions 
  • Measure at the top of the window frame where the blind is to be installed.  This is where your brackets will be placed.
  • If you live near the coast, order your blinds with stainless steel chains.

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