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How to Measure Roman Blinds

Get Your DIY On!

Measuring for roman blinds is so much easier than you think!  We have all the tools to teach and guide you through the simple process.

Step 1: Check Measure Work Sheets

Before you start measuring, print off one of our handy Roman Blinds Check Measure Worksheets to record your measurements

Check Measure Worksheet Roman Blinds

Check Measure Worksheet - Roman Blinds

Handy Hint:

Always work from left to right across the window when taking your measurements. 

Step 2: Understand the Technical Specifications


Width (mm)Drop (mm)

Minimum width: 250 mm

Minimum drop: 300 mm

Maximum width: 3000 mm

Maximum drop: 3000 mm


Roman Blinds are better suited to an Outside mount and can make a great feature of your window. 

Consider using a sunscreen blind inside the window frame for daytime privacy and light control.


Acmeda heavy duty 4:1 geared chain drive system comes standard on all blinds.  All Acmeda products have been built to last a lifetime and undergo stringent testing for unsurpassed performance and reliability, ensuring you receive a high quality custom made product.

Choose between left or right hand controls

Roman blind Stack height

Stack Height

If you want to raise your roman blind above the window frame to maximise your view, the stack height of a roman blind is approximately 300mm.

Take this into consideration when measuring your drop.

Roman Blinds head rail

Head Rail

A fresh and contemporary design, the Acmeda ‘No Sew Headrail’ features a slim square profile design, which moves the fabric up to hide the brackets and then cascades down for a clean modern look.  Easily installed, this blind system ensures smooth, quiet movement with the strength to manage fabrics of any weight - small or large.

Roman Blind fabric covered bottom rail

Bottom Rail

All Roman blinds come with a fabric covered tear drop bottom rail.  This beautiful bottom rail is designed to be aesthetically pleasing from both the front and back.

Roman Blind Back Batterns

Back Battens

Our roman blinds are cleverly designed with a smooth and slimline back batten system, which simply slides over the fabric - meaning no stitch holes, no puckering and no light penetration resulting in a neater and refined look.  Each batten comes with a colour matched end cap.

Roman blind continuous loop chain


Continuous loop chain (no joiner) to ensure a smooth operation.

Choose from metal, black, white or stainless steel.

Stainless steel is recommended if you live near the coast.

Michael's Tips

  • Always measure in millimetres (mm)
  • Always use a steel tape measurer or a laser measurer for accuracy - make sure the tape measure is straight and tight when you take your measurements.  
  • Measure all windows, even those that appear to be the same width and height
  • Add your room name to each of your blinds as you order them.
  • Do not take any deductions 
  • Measure at the top of the window frame where the blind is to be installed.  This is where your brackets will be placed.
  • If you live near the coast, order your blinds with stainless steel chains.

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