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Single Linked Roller Blinds

The perfect solution for larger windows, sliding or bi-fold doors.

Linking allows you to place your blinds side by side across the window using a single intermediate bearing bracket. This bracket will reduce the gap between the fabrics from 32 mm (standard brackets) down to just 19 mm.  You can link 2 blinds, 3 blinds or 4 blinds along side each other depending upon your requirements and the size of your window area.  Operate up to 2 blinds with the same control for greater convenience and ensure your chains are cleated at either side of the window / door area.  Alternatively Linked blinds can be operated with our wire free Motors. 

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  • One of the few remaining authentic blind manufacturers in Australia, we manufacture your roller blinds right here in Melbourne. No 'ready mades', 'cut downs' or 'TTS' (Trimmed to Size). Every blind from is produced exactly to your specifications. We use only the finest materials to ensure we deliver a product that is well made, long lasting and safe for your family. All our roller blinds are 100% custom made.

  • Blockout roller blinds, otherwise referred to as blackout blinds provide 100% light block and privacy. Perfect for room darkening, blockout roller blinds offer great insulation properties and are an excellent choice for bedrooms. Sunscreen Roller blinds excel in controlling the glare whilst the 10% openness of the iseekblinds fabric range means you will retain your view and daytime privacy. With 95% UV blockage sunscreen rollers will protect your furniture and flooring from sun damage. Sunscreen blinds are great for every room in the house. Light filtering blinds diffuse the light, whilst ensuring both day and night time privacy. Great for bathrooms, light filtering blinds can add a decorative layer to a frosted window or hide an ugly view.

  • The width measurements that you enter in the order form are taken as the outside edge of bracket to outside edge of bracket. This way whether your blind is measured as in inside or outside mount, the brackets will always fit in that exact position. Iseekblinds will take the necessary deductions for the roller blind to fit within the brackets. The size of the deductions are based on various selected options such as a chain drive or motor, linking blinds or whether or not a pelmet is required. Taking this into consideration the fabric will be approx. 15 mm narrower on each side as it sits between the brackets.

  • A front roll means that the fabric rolls off the front of the roll tube – similar to a waterfall. Front rolled blinds are generally used for inside mounted blinds to ensure the fabric is not obstructed by any knobs, handles, winders or inner window frames. Back rolled blinds means that the fabric comes off the back of the blind (opposite to a waterfall). Back rolled blinds are usually used in outside mounted blinds to ensure the fabric stays tight to the architrave for maximum privacy and light control. It is also important to back roll your blind if adding a pelmet.

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