Measuring and installing DIY single linked roller blinds is easy


Available in both single and double options, linked blinds allow you to follow the flow of your doors and windows whilst offering multiple options for functionality. Perfect for wide windows or sliding, bifold and stacking doors, linked blinds enable you to place blinds side by side with minimal gaps in between. And with many online resources for measuring and installing, getting affordable linked roller blinds has never been so easy.

Whether you need blockout blinds, sunscreen blinds or light filtering blinds, our linked layout chart shows all the options available.
Let us help you to find the best solution for the flow of your windows or doors.

By getting your DIY on, you'll be amazed at the savings!

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Linked Layout Options

Our Linking Layouts give you the option to link 2, 3 or 4 blinds depending upon your requirements and the size of your window area to a maximum width of 12,000mm.

The Easy-Link system has been designed for easy operation whilst ensuring a minimal gap between blinds of 19mm.

Linked layouts

Drive options

There are two options available to you when considering the operation of your blinds. Do you want the classic chain-driven version? Or do you want to motorise your blinds and take home living to the next level adding ease, convenience and comfort? Find out more below.

Chain drives

Bottom Rails

We offer two bottom rail versions to finish off your blinds in fine style. Choose from the standard D30 — subtle and sleek with a slightly curved front, or select the specifically designed silent bottom rail with shock-absorbent bumpers. Which one is best for you?

D30 Bottom Rail
Silent Bottom Rail

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Frequently asked questions

Many different factors go into establishing costs for linked roller blinds: things like the fabrics, manufacturing, transport and freight costs, and so on. At iSeekBlinds, we show you how to measure and install your own blinds, saving you money and making our linked roller blinds far cheaper.

Linked blinds enable you to place up to four blinds side by side, with minimal gaps in between, and are available in either a single, or double, version. Single linked blinds are one blind only – either a blockout, light filter or sunscreen blind.

Double linked blinds enable you to install double blinds on the linking brackets, meaning you can have both a blockout and a sunscreen blind for maximum flexibility.

Linked roller blinds cover a larger area than independent roller blinds. That means they’re better suited for spaces with large windows, as they're able to cover larger areas.

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